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Why Choose Us?

It's Natural

Plant oils give each product a powerful odor-fighting punch, straight from Mother Nature.

It's Safe

No harsh chemicals or harmful health side effects like fragranced air fresheners.

It Works

Trust the proven science to completely eliminate the toughest household odors.

Our Fragrances


for safety to pets, people and
environment for fresh exhilarating scent that lasts


Refreshing Aroma That Lasts

  • 5/5 Stars Reviews

    I Love Care Scents! This Is The Best Smelling Scent That I've Found. It's Not Too Overpowering And It Lasts For A Solid 12 Hours. For The Price, There's No Better Value For A Good Quality Long Lasting Scent.

    Angela Elfi

  • 5/5 Stars Reviews

    I Have Tried A Lot Of Different Scents, None Of Them Really Felt Like It Was The Perfect Scent For Me. After Trying Care Scents, I Know That This Is The One I Want To Stick With And Continue Using. It Smells So Good.

    Tasha Luis

  • 5/5 Stars Reviews

    Angela Has The Best Scent I Have Ever Smelled. It's Not Too Strong Or Too Subtle, Which Is Why I Am Hooked On It! It Lasts The Whole Day And Still Smells As Good As When I First Sprayed It On In The Morning.

    Jonathon Jeans

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